Commissions and Collaborations

  • Truffle Hunt- Commission, 2013- Commissioned by Darrin Thaves and the Pacific Flute Ensemble:

     "'Truffle Hunt' was the first of many commissions by the Pacific Flute Ensemble. We asked Jamison to compose a piece for a group of mixed levels of experience. He has written an engaging piece that is playable for most flute ensembles. The parts are evenly distributed and would be playable without a conductor. Thank you Jamison for adding such a great piece to the flute ensemble repertoire!" ~Darrin Thaves, Director, Pacific Flute Ensemble

  • Forge- Collaboration, 2010-2013- PC Adventure Game, Quill'o'the Wisp:

   "Despite being undoubtedly a really professional composer, Jamison is also a down-to-earth guy. Working with him is especially easy and relaxing, because he grasps requests instantly and is quick to provide songs' prototypes that usually only need minor adjustments to be game-ready. He's been with us since the beginning... and [is] one of the keystones of the project." ~Gabriele Nanetti "Abisso", Project Founder

   I played the first chapter of the fan sequel, and was impressed. Its remarkably polished, with excellent music and voice acting, and contains some really fine moments. I hope they get to finish it. ~Brian Moriarty, Creator of Loom"

  • Seven Minutes in Heaven- Collaboration, 2013, Columbia Gorge 48-Hour Film Project, MOS Production Contributors: Daniel McCabe, Evan Gandy, Reuben Betts, Galin McMahon, Kyoko Gandy, Shirlyn Betts, Cait Powers, Sullivan Mackintosh, Reed Harvey, Chad Westbrook, Keith Gifford, Jamison Alderson

    Video Link posted courtesey of Fox Card Media!cg48hrfp/c23ap

   Jamison was asked to compose original music for our 48 hour film project basically over less then 24 hours.  He composed multiple pieces of music to fit several different moods in the project.  Not only did he compose great music in a short period of time he was very responsive to changes we needed and was incredibly easy to work with.  You can't ask much more from an artist.  He brings great original work but is collaborative as well.  I would hire him for future projects, enough said.” ~Daniel McCabe, Director, “7 Minutes in Heaven"

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